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Information About Eames Lounge Chair

The majority of people would likely concur the Eames collaboration was a prosperous in addition to victorious just one, planning many of the most iconic pieces of basic custom furniture – not really a collaboration within style, but also in his or her private lifestyles also.

This pair (Charles and Ray Eames) especially loved refining plywood in addition to would likely bend in addition to mildew this material into beautiful curved forms, which in turn formed the foundation for many of the basic custom furniture efforts. Probably the most well-loved in addition to identified furniture duo, your Eames Lounge chair replica in addition to Ottoman was finally introduced within 1956 after several style re-workings. This custom match were being recognized because of their careful in addition to pedantic focus on detail.

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Eames chairs & where to buy quality replicas

Today I wanted to explore the Eames chair. As pictured above these chairs are an old favourite that are becoming increasingly popular again in today s interiors.

Ray and Charles Eames were known as the most famous design partners of the 20th Century. Take a look of this You Tube clip to find out more about Ray and Charles Eames.

I by no means am an expert on Eames Chairs or Ray and Charles Eames vast design portfolio but I do have a high appreciation and respect for their talented eye for design and manufacture or quality furniture. If you would like to read more about the Eames design accomplishments see Eames Designs – a virtual encyclopedia of all things Eames

Onscreen Furniture Finds: Frasier s Eames Chair and Ottoman

The beloved TV character of Dr. Frasier Crane appeared on our screens for more than 20 years. On Cheers , he was portrayed as a slightly stuffy but well meaning Psychiatrist but it was no t until the spin off show, Frasier that Dr. Frasier Crane really began to shine. Over the years, audiences admired him not only for his skills as a psychiatrist and his witty one liners, but also for his exceptional good taste. In the early days of Frasier , the character referred to the style design of his chic Seattle apartment as eclectic, explaining, if you have really fine pieces of furniture it does not matter if they match, they will go together.

A perfect example of this was Frasier s beautiful Charles & Ray Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman which featured in every episode of the eleven season show on the landing alongside the huge windows displaying the breathtaking Seattle cityscape. This attractive chair design embodied the true Frasier style with its sleek leather and wood design, which beautifully combined masculinity with comfort and style. In fact Ray Eames was quoted as describing this chair as “comfortable and un-designy”.

What do we think?

The differences between original and replica furniture may be difficult for the casual observer to discern. A detail here, a material there are all that separates the two. It could be argued therefore that the original Eames Lounge Chair, at over 2.5 times the price of the replica, is a waste of money.

We beg to differ.

From a distance, under heavy fog or to the myopic,

the differences between original and replica

may be few, but for those who really care

about good design, we argue that the money

is merely a hurdle to surpass on the way to ownership

of an original piece of designer furniture.

It is likely the additional cost of an original offers

the potential of increased resale value,

however of more interest to us is the unquantifiable values it embodies. In buying original furniture, we are participating in the long and exciting history of design. We are purchasing an object that blossomed out of the minds of the world s most celebrated designers. By recognising the importance of designer furniture that exists today, we are investing in the future of design and the untold number of classic pieces waiting to be created.

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